I love and enjoy the process of creating art!

Welcome to my Art Gallery!
I love and enjoy the process of creating art!
Working on abstract paintings gives me a true freedom of creation. I can capture the mood of the soul, colors of nature, the fresh breathe of the rain. In my abstract paintings I love to use a variety of mediums including acrylics, oils, pastels, and pencils. I love to experiment with different mediums and materials to make a powerful visual statement. I hope that my art can create vivid visual memories, and each viewer can see and take something a little different from my work.
I am a full time artist working from my studios in Florida and Utah, USA. As an artist I worked professionally over the last decade participating in solo and group exhibitions in USA Galleries and abroad. I received a first place international award in Abstract Art in 2014. I am honored to have my art in private collections around the world.
I do like to bring you with a variety of my work. Please fell free to contact me with any questions, or request for a custom paintings. I am open to review your interior photos to give you an advise on what artwork would fit the best it to your space. I work with local, national, and international interior designers to bring an amazing art in to the living and office spaces. I would like to welcome and work with designers from all over the world!
I hope that an exciting and positive energy from creating process of my art will bring you joy and happiness!

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